Marsh Creek
A small, freestone creek that offers miles of untouched pocket water and swift riffles through untouched wilderness. This section is flows through a tight forested canyon.  Marsh creek compromises the upper reaches of the famous Middle Fork of the Salmon  and offers one of the most pure, untouched fisheries in the West.

Access: The two most popular access points include the Hwy 75 Bridge over Cape Horn Creek and the Middle Fork Trailhead at the end of Lola Creek Rd. The river is accessible via foot trail only.

Bear Valley
Description: A small mountain stream meanders through Bear Valley and  that combines with Marsh Creek to create the world famous Middle Fork of the Salmon. Bear Valley Anglers can expect native westslope cutthroat and Bull Trout. This section of water is also the spawning grounds for the endangered Chinook Salmon. Please avoid at all cost disturbing these endangered fish and their redds. They are the lifeblood of central Idaho rivers.

Access: This section of water has multiple access points along the boundary creek road.

Big Hole to Dagger Falls 

A Few miles up stream of Dagger Falls Marsh and Bear Valley confluence at Big Hole, the true starting point of the world famous Middle Fork of the Salmon.  This is the only access tot the Middle Fork of the Salmon without a float boating permit.

Access: Park at Dagger Falls Campground and follow the river trail up stream to Big Hole

This information is soley to provide infomation to visiting anglers.  Salmon River Anglers does not offer guided fishing on Marsh Creek or Bear Valley